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Your Guide to the Best Boutiques in Midtown Miami


It’s a Saturday morning and nothing sounds better than an iced coffee and strolling the nearby shops to freshen up your closet. Midtown Miami is chock-full of eclectic, trendy boutiques, so it won’t be long until you find your next statement item. With so many gorgeous places to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to our top four favorite Midtown gems.

Boho Hunter

Latin American culture comes alive at Boho Hunter. The team behind the project created this boutique to satisfy downtown Miami’s passion for glam fashions inspired by top Latin destinations. Boho Hunter’s carries mostly handmade goods, emphasizing new designers on the rise. Experience colorfully loud and stylish finds – everything from super chic bikinis to funky, oversized accessories, all stemming from their roots in the Americas. 

Ramona La Rue

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind pieces with a one-of-a-kind story, you’ve come to the right place. Ramona La Rue was created by Miami native Arianne Brown in honor of her mother, an artist at heart. From her, Arianne learned how to create hand-painted silks, and when her mother died, she decided to create this boutique to carry on the family legacy. Every article of clothing was designed and created by Arianne herself, right here in Miami. She’s inspired by both her mother’s passion and the raw beauty of nature. You are sure to see both of those inspirations come to life in her beautiful, brightly colored silk pieces which range from wrap dresses to jumpsuits.

MiMo Market

What happens when two best friends come together to build their dream? MiMo Market, that’s what. Super chic with a side of edgy letterboards, this beautiful boutique offer hand-picked items that satisfy the eye for the extraordinary. These besties partner with one-of-a-kind designers with a unique story and style to share. You’ll find both men’s and women’s clothing, from matching sets to accessories and shoes. You really can’t go wrong with this contemporary boutique – definitely one of Miami’s best.


Mexican handcrafted design meets sustainable, fair-trade magic at Malaquita. Each and every item has a purpose – to promote the human side of goods and create an encounter between us and the artisan. Your options for charmingly unique home goods are unending, with everything from colorful woven rugs to geometric plant stands.

While you’re in the area, check out our fresh, urban living spaces at Yard 8, located just around the corner from the Shops at Midtown Miami. We would love to give you a tour around our Midtown community.

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