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The Most Incredible Art Galleries in Your Neighborhood


With art as sustenance for the Miami spirit, you have a wealth of opportunities to fill up right here in the Wynwood neighborhood. You could dedicate one night out – or every night – to taking in all the amazing art here in our vibrant community. And you won’t have to travel far. Within walking distance of Yard 8 are more than 70 galleries, museums, and collections. Expect to be wowed by the level of creativity, and your night may even go deep as you ponder the meaning behind Botero’s sculpture, the graffiti of eL Seed, or Mario Perez’s “Deep Blue.”

Oliver Cole Gallery

Modern art, realism, sarcasm, pop art, and just plain fun is what you’ll get a taste of at Oliver Cole Gallery. Less than a mile away from Yard 8, this gallery showcases 5,000 square feet of art with an opinion. Take it for what it is, or stand back and imagine what the artist was thinking when they created each piece. Some intense discussions might arise. Coming this April is “You Can’t Eat Money,” an interactive installation series by ZMK, a popular glass artist from South Florida.

Wynwood Walls

Who says art has to be inside a building, hanging on walls, and confined to a certain size? Not the graffiti artists of the Wynwood Walls, and we think you’ll agree. Just 6 blocks away from your front door, you’ll experience a blast of color and a feeling of energy when you walk through the gates of Wynwood Walls. There is nothing stuffy about this space, and it quite literally evokes a sense of freedom and joy when you see it. Some of the exhibitions require months of work and have been touted by BBC News, Vanity Fair, and Forbes. If you want an official tour with the history of the walls and their legendary artists, contact Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide.

Wynwood 28: Mid-Career Artists

Interesting, vibrant, contemporary art awaits you just 1 mile away from Yard 8. Since 2015, Wynwood 28 has been featuring stimulating Argentinian artists who are midway through their careers. You’ll get to view the works of Cecilia Prato, Natalia Sanchez Valdemoros, and Mario Segundo Perez. Cecilia Prato will wow you with her study on patterns while Mario Perez’s “Deep Blue” exhibition features oil paintings showcasing tiny figures amid large landscapes. After checking out the current exhibit, relax at Baccano Pizzeria and Wine Bar with Miami’s best Neapolitan pizza and a glass or two of red wine.

Gary Nader Art Centre

Around the corner from Yard 8 on 27th Street, this art gallery specializes in Latin American modern and contemporary art and is the largest art gallery in the world with 55,000 square feet of space. You’ll know you’re there when the amazing Fernando Botero sculptures begin to come into view. Botero’s famous bronze sculptures have been featured all over the world, and now you get to see them! The sculpture park might be your first stop, but head on in to check out Nader’s private collection as well as the exhibition space. Other artists you won’t want to miss include Carlos Quintana, Soraya Abu Naba’a, and Armando Marino. This gallery has become famous for its exhibitions by modern and contemporary artists.

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