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 Two men and two women in a haunted house.

Miami's Best Haunted Houses for Getting Your Spook On


As Halloween approaches, experience all the jump scares, gore, and creepy clowns you can handle at some of the best haunted houses and horror attractions in and around Miami. Some of these spooky spots are right here in Midtown Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, less than a mile from your Yard 8 home.

Paranoia, Midtown Miami

Paranoia is a black-out horror maze located on 5th Avenue in Wynwood, just a few blocks West of Yard 8. You and your posse can walk or borrow a ride from our bike share to make your way there. After entering the maze, you’re forced to feel your way around in pitch darkness, guided only by a glowing red dot and an occasional flash of light that reveals ghoulish scenes you’ll wish you could unsee. Your sense of dread builds to nerve-wracking levels as you try (and fail) to anticipate what will happen next. It takes a frightening 15 minutes to make your way through the maze, assuming you don’t use your safeword and bail out early. Admission is $25 and Paranoia is open year round.

Haunted Factory, Midtown Miami

This haunted house-meets-dance-party has it all, and it’s only half a mile South from your Yard 8 doorstep at Wynwood Factory, a former sugar factory on Northeast 24th Street. The Haunted Factory experience features four fright rooms with interactive characters and horror decor that play on the site’s mysterious (and supposedly bloody) history. If that’s not enough to get your pulse pounding, hit either of the two dance floors where a different lineup of performers each night will keep the music and your adrenaline pumping. Featured acts include Lee Foss, Roger Sanchez, Cocodrills, Richy Ahmed, HOSH and more. Ticket prices range from $10 to $30 and the Haunted Factory will serve up music and mayhem over four nights from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.

Escape-topia, Fort Lauderdale

For a brain-teasing twist on the haunted house concept, check out Escape-topia in Fort Lauderdale, less than an hour drive north of Yard 8. Escape-topia offers a choice of three, fright-themed escape rooms with macabre settings, but less chance of jump scares than many Halloween attractions. It’s the perfect place to get your spook on when you aren’t sure your nervous system can handle a haunted house. Once inside, you’ll work with up to nine other participants to find and solve the clues needed to escape the room in under an hour. Escape the Beast places you in a derelict hotel room and pits you against an ancient, monstrous presence that wants to steal your soul. Carnival Macabre plays on the common (and completely valid) fear of clowns. Enter the Nether is a nod to classic horror films like “The Exorcist,” where you must help find a missing boy in a case with frightening, paranormal twists. The cost is $29 each, with up to 10 participants in each room. Open Wednesday to Monday, year round. To learn more about what Miami and your Yard 8 neighborhood have to offer, visit our blog.

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