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4 Tips for Creating a New Year's Resolution You Can Stick To


This next trip around the sun means the start of a whole new decade! A new year with fresh goals? Bring it on! But, if you’ve ever set a New Year’s Resolution, you know that it can be a feat. Check out Yard 8’s 4 tips to help you stick to your 2020 resolutions, however big or small.

The Snowball Habit

Picture this. You kick off your day with a class over at Triple Threat Fit or Barry’s Bootcamp. You’re up early to get a sweat on, followed by a healthy breakfast, and you show up to the office on time. Next thing you know, the rest of the day flows effortlessly and you’re feeling awesome.

Guess what? That bootcamp class is your snowball habit! It’s the one habit that sets the vibe for all the other routines in your life. Your snowball habit is as straightforward as laying out your wardrobe the night before or downing a green smoothie in the morning. When you focus on building your snowball habit, the rest of your goals will feel much more attainable. Make it simple and stick with it.

Keep a Good Thing Going

Tracking your goals is essential to sticking with your resolutions. Each positive step that moves you closer to achieving a goal gives you the momentum to continue. Watching those small achievements progress daily reinforces the habits. Eventually , it becomes second nature. To keep yourself on track, try journaling, setting reminders, or even using habit-tracking apps like StickK or Streaks.

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude keeps you grounded and mindful. It helps you be present in the moment and grateful for the here and now. Add daily gratitude to your routine and watch the benefits of mindfulness creep into your life. Being grateful leads us to feel like we deserve and can attain a positive life. How about adding a blurb of gratitude to the daily tracking method you choose? Then, experience an overall improvement in your health and a reduction in your stress level when you practice daily gratitude.

Reward It Up

Treat yourself! It’s the small things we gain from accomplishing goals that make us feel good. Whether your resolution is to meditate for 15 minutes every weekday morning or to compete in the Life Time Miami Marathon, rewarding yourself will help keep you going. It can be as simple as a bite to eat with friends at Plant Miami or a full weekend getaway to The Keys. Just make sure the ‘treat’ you choose works with your New Year’s resolutions.

Remember, start small, track your progress, practice gratitude, and reward yourself. For additional lifestyle tips, visit the Yard 8 blog today.

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