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4 Sophisticated Pieces to Make Your Apartment Unique


How you decorate your apartment expresses who you are and shows your friends a window into your creativity. And, when you shift your focus to a few signature pieces, your space will become even more chic. Touches of natural elements, large area rugs, oversized mirrors, and local art are a few options to consider. Be sure to emphasize unique pieces rather than trendy ones. Think artistic, bold, and edgy.

A sleek new apartment isn’t complete without the furniture, art, and textiles that make it feel like home. Whether your vibe includes warm colors, organic materials, retro furniture, or bold art, we have ideas for the sophisticated pieces that will make your new Yard 8 home uniquely your own. 

Area Rug, the Unifier

Color, texture, size, comfort – area rugs have it all. Finding just the right area rug for your home may be tough, but it’s worth it. When done right, a large area rug in your bedroom or living area can ground your space and add warmth to it. Take inventory of your current pieces and the type of rug that will tie all the elements together without being too match-y. Next, consider style. Vintage or maybe modern. The Rug Company, just about a half-mile from Yard 8, has a wide selection of rugs. Look here to find your dream rug or just get inspired! 

One-of-a-Kind Art, Make or Buy

When you live in Midtown Miami near the Design District, arts and culture is something you live and breathe. Whether you’re a creator or an appreciator, filling your home with art that represents you is key. Look through your own pieces to see if there’s something you’ve been meaning to hang, comb through local shops, and visit galleries to curate a look and feel for your space that’s unique to you. Maybe you’re looking for an oversized canvas piece as the focal point of your living room or an eclectic mix of paintings, framed photos, baskets, and weavings.  
Whatever your style, this is the piece that shares a bit of your soul and tells your story. 

Ottoman, the Great Impersonator

We all need that one piece that screams versatility. Look no further than the ottoman. It allows you to prop up your feet, place your accessories, rest and take off your shoes, or you can pull it in as extra living room seating. This undercover piece works hard to earn its keep. The ottoman can also be small enough to store under other pieces, like an entry hall table – in this case, you could even have two. Save your ottoman search for last on the list, as it can complement and soften your bigger, pricier pieces. 

Mirror, Mirror, the Fairest of Them All

A mirror can serve a dual purpose, providing both function and beauty. In a room where you want the space to feel bigger, a larger mirror can do just that. In South Miami, check out Twice Vintage Shop for a gilded antique mirror or possibly a Mid-century modern sunburst version. Or you can head north and scour stores like Fly Boutique for smaller distinctive mirrors, and create an eclectic grouping on one wall of your living room or bedroom. 

For more tips on transforming your Yard 8 home, visit our blog. 

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